Hello Just Dance Families, 

It's been an exciting couple of weeks for both Miss Laurie and I.   It feels like everything has happened in one breath.  Today we are exhaling and feeling a little lighter as Miss Laurie begins her 1st day of retirement and  we, at Dance on Q start to settle into our new home in Franklin Mall.   

There's still so much to do in preparation for the fall.  But for now our focus is getting to meet you and your dancer.  Our brochure and schedule for the fall are available on the DOQ website danceonq.com.  Please take the time to review and if you have any questions,  you can reach us at the familiar JUST DANCE email address or at info@danceonq.com.  

On Wednesday July 5th and Thursday July 6th, we will have registration at the studio   From 5:30 to 7:30.  For all former Just Dance Dance families  registering on one of those days - FALL REGISTRATION WILL BE FREE!!!!  

In addition, previous Just Dance Families registering on July 5th or 6th, will receive an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 5 percent on their yearly tuition total.  Details to be reviewed  at registration.  

We offer monthly and quarterly payment plans.  At registration the following is required. 

Monthly installments-  first and last month payment is due. 

 2nd payment option 

1st Quarterly payment is due

3rd payment option

pay the year in full and get a 10% discount on the total amount

AND FREE Logo shirt for new registrants! 

Thank you to the families that joined us for the Q&A.  It was so nice to get to talk to parents and dancers.  We are eager to get to know more families throughout the summer.  Please visit our website for detailed information on our mission statement, programs, teacher bios and more.  

Our yearly BOOT CAMP will take place on Monday August 7- Wednesday the 9th.  

SURPRISE! - Miss Laurie will be joining us for one or all days!!! 

Day 1 - In Studio workshop with guest instructor/choreographers from SYTYCD, Dancing with the Stars, Knicks city Dancer, 76ers and more. 

Day 2 - Trip to NYC to take classes at the famous Broadway Dance Center 

Day 3 - Cast class and Broadway play in NYC 

Charter bus Transportation available for NYC trips. 

Please call or email us for further information. We look forward to seeing you on July 5th or 6th 5:30 to 7:30 for Early Bird Fall Registration. 

Warmest Regards,

Maria Quezada 

Artistic Director/Owner 

At Dance on Q, We Feature The Following Classes

Multiple levels offered - Essential class for all dancers. Students will work at the barre and across the floor with an emphasis on body alignment, turn out and developing core strength. Ballet technique is recommended as the core class to be taken in conjunction with other styles of dance. Ballet knowledge will facilitate the execution of all other dance styles since the fundamentals of dance begin with ballet technique. Dancers will develop the total body strength and form. Ballet Dancers are invited to participate in our year-end recital. Please note not all ballet classes are recital classes. NOT A RECITAL CLASS.


5-7 years old (Dancer must be the noted ages starting July 1st through the entire season of dance) - Students will be challenged at the barre and with across the floor combinations which will help strengthen their technique, rhythm and musicality. Students work on floor exercises that incorporate jazz, ballet and tap technique. We focus on exercises to develop and maintain proper technique, precision and strong rhythmic skills in all 3 styles. Combo dancers are invited to participate in our year-end recital in one of these styles.

3-4 years old (Dancer must be the noted ages starting July 1st through the entire season of dance) - Dancers are introduced to the basic skills of ballet and jazz. This class focuses on developing balance, coordination and body awareness through fun filled center and across the floor exercises. Dancers begin to develop musicality through rhythmic movement. Simple combinations are taught incorporating learned skills. Intro dancers are invited to participate in our year end recital.


Cheer/Dance- designed for the younger kids who love cheer. This class will teach cheerleading including motions, jumps, basic stunting, as well as cheer dance where they use pom poms in a more dance related cheer routine. This is a great all around class that exposes kids to all facets of cheer.

Dancers incorporate ballet and jazz technique. This style of dance is based on free flowing and/or distinctly sharp or rigid corporal movement and danced to traditional and contemporary music. Lyrical and contemporary style of dance proves to be unique in style. The corporal movement is such to interpret and tell the story that provokes different emotions. Lyrical/Contemporary dancers are invited to participate in our year-end recital.

Multiple levels offered - At all levels we focus on exercises to develop and maintain proper technique, precision and strong rhythmic skills. Dancers build their ankle and foot strength as they practice skills across the floor. Dancers work on basic sounds and continue to be challenged in order to build the ability to create accurate, clean sounds that properly match the rhythms and beats of music.

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context.


Dancers work on flexibility and core strength to be able to execute jazz skills properly.  In class dancers work on placement and body alignment,  Body isolations, leaps and turns are taught at each level.   Classes are progressive and aim to tap into each student’s potential as their dance skills are  strengthened and new challenges are introduced appropriate for each level.   Ballet technique is recommended to maximize the dancers jazz skills.  Dancers work on combinations that help with choreography retention and retrieval.  Execution of choreography is taught to be delivered technically sound with strength and power.  Jazz is best described as a dance style that highlights jumps and turns using proper technique in a stylized form.    Jazz dancers are invited to participate in our year-end recital.

This is a high energy class with “Street” dance flavor. Popular in music videos. Hip Hop dancers are known for their baggie clothing, fierce attitude and low approach to dancing. Body isolations are typical in hip hop, side to side sharp and rapid movement, quick shifts of weight and precise arm motions makes for intense, energetic, hard hitting, yet smooth style of dancing.