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Cindy and Gianna - Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition

Season 2 Cast

Gianna Newborg has been a dancer at my studio at 4095 Route South in the South Brunswick Square Plaza for ten years.  She has travelled from PA up to 5 times a week to train in all dance styles including ballet, tap, jazz and HH.  From 4 years old Gianna has loved the stage, she is just one of the kids that even at a young age took command of the stage and the audience could not take their eyes off her.  When she began training with me, I knew Gianna was a force to be reckoned with, this child has the "it" factor.  She has a gift and is talented years beyond of her age.  Gianna is a typical teen with a passion for dance. She is good student and is totally committed to her Competition team at Dance on Q.  I think Gianna's story is inspirational and could really serve as a lesson for many.  I would love to share her recent journey with the community.  



On September 3, Gianna will make her national television debut as one of the country's top 11 young dancers selected to participate on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition Season Two (official airdate release attached).  Per Gianna, the experience was like no other.  She met dancers from across the nation and worked with top choreographers and was coached by the famous Abby Lee Miller herself, while her mother served as her cheerleader on the sidelines.  Viewers and fans will need to tune-in to find out how Gianna did and the outcome of the show.

Gianna and her mother Cindy Passanante were both auditioned as the show is about  dancers and their mother's journey as they compete for a $100,000 prize and a full scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet School in NYC.  Gianna was called back and travelled to NYC for the final cut. Several days later Cindy and Gianna were informed that they had been casted for the show would be traveling to the west coast for filming.  



I cannot be prouder to call Gianna my student.  Gianna is truly a talented girl that many look up to.  Gianna has been recognized in the competitive circuit regionally and nationally for her top scores and her outstanding talent. Gianna serves as a great role model for many of the younger girls in the studio. She assists in classes and is often seen helping fellow dancers with choreography. Gianna is committed to her dance training; she is a great student, and a good teammate. She is a well-rounded girl, who’s humble and grounded.  She has become such an inspiration to those around her. At such a young age, Gianna’s goal setting qualities and hard working nature make her incredibly accomplished. Being featured on the show is one of Gianna’s dreams come true.  


Gianna’s commitment to dance and her team was proven when in the summer of 2010 after the season had ended,  Gianna was diagnosed with multiple foot fractures.  She had danced the entire season without complaining.   She was out of dance for three months and as per Gianna that was hardest time of her life.



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